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19 August 2022 14:56


Gülper Özdemir turned the Gül Masalı series into an opportunity for herself!

Gülper Özdemir, who plays the character of Gonca in the new series of ATV named Gül Masalı (Rose Tale), returned to the screens after the series Kıbrıs Zafere Doğru (Cyprus to Victory), which she took part in last year. The actress, who shared the lead role with Erdem Kaynarca in the series, which started to be broadcast on ATV on Sunday evenings, loved her new role very much.

The crew of the series, which was first shot in Istanbul, is now working hard to continue the story in Isparta. Gülper Özdemir also receives great support from her fans as she returns to the screen with her new character.

Expressing that she loved the character of Gonca from the first moment she read the script, Gülper Özdemir said, “I think Gonca is very emotional. It’s emotional and very logical at the same time. She experiences so many emotions at once that she can experience five emotions in one scene.”

The actress very successfully portrays these states of the Gonca character, who goes through different transitions, such as the character’s burst of sadness and anger and returning to her childish state at the same time.

For Gülper Özdemir, portraying a character who reflects such different emotions at the same time was a good test in terms of both displaying her talents and improving herself.

The actress said, “I liked the fact that she was brave and that she came out of her comfort zone comfortably and came to a completely different place.”

Explaining that she has a similar situation to this aspect of Gonca, Gülper Özdemir stated that she has been traveling from country to country alone since her childhood.

Explaining that she saw little connections between Gonca and herself and that she liked it very much,

Gülper Özdemir stated that she had no previous knowledge about Isparta, but that she found the people very sincere.

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