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2 July 2022 14:47


Gülümse Kaderine, who made the final because of the low rating, reaches millions on YouTube!

It was decided that the TV series Gülümse Kaderine (Smile Destiny), which started to be screened on Fox TV a short time ago and attracted attention with its story, could not debut in the ratings and would make a final. The series, starring Bahar Şahin and Sude Zülal Güler, will bid farewell to the screens with the fifth episode to be broadcast tomorrow evening. The series, which is very low in the ratings, is watched by millions of people on YouTube.

The Gülümse Kaderine series, which was eagerly awaited by the audience, who missed Bahar Şahin, who made her debut with Zalim İstanbul (Cruel İstanbul), started to come to the screen two weeks ago. It made a very bad debut in the ratings with its first episode. The situation did not change with the second episode published this week. The ratings were still very bad.

This being the case, the channel decided to make the series final in the fifth episode when the third episode came. Tomorrow night, the fifth and final episode of Gülümse Kaderine will be screened. But on the other hand, this short-lived series works wonders on YouTube.

The first episode of Gülümse Kaderine was watched by 4.5 million people, while the second episode was watched by 3.5 million people. The fifth episode trailer reached approximately 2.5 million people. These numbers are quite high and impressive. Therefore, it means that Gülümse Kaderine is actually being watched. Maybe it needed to be promoted and worked on a little more.

Gülümse Kaderine, signed by Avşar Film, whose cast includes Bahar Şahin, Sude Zülal Güler, Burak Sergen, Ahu Sungur, Mine Tugay, Erkan Meriç and Doğan Bayraktar, will make the final in the fifth episode due to its below-average ratings.

The final decision of the Gülümse Kaderine series, which tells the story of two young girls growing up in an orphanage, was very sudden. In fact, the leading actor Bahar Şahin learned from social media that the series would make the final. The viewers are also very angry with Fox TV because the final decision was made without giving a chance to the TV series “Gülümse Kaderine”.

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