Hakim series ratings point to a big problem
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9 February 2023 08:59


Hakim series ratings point to a big problem

The second episode of Hakim (Judge), the domestic adaptation of the well-known US TV series Your Honor, aired on Monday, April 11th. The fans of the series went to the screen again, and according to many, a very good episode was left behind.

The Hakim series, which had a good opening with its first episode, was expected to explode as of the second episode. It was revealed with the published results that the expectation that the ratings would be very good was not true. An effective story and a strong cast met in the Hakim series, which met with the audience on the ATV screen.

The second episode ratings of the series, which brought together important actors such as Erdal Beşikçioğlu, Uğur Yücel, Yurdaer Okur, Ebru Özkan and Hasibe Eren, were slightly above the average. The big exit expected from Hakim, who couldn’t get past the 4-way odds and maintained a series position in the middle rows, did not happen.

For many series fans, this is surprising. The viewers of the Hakim series, who think that the episode is very good and the ratings are low, question why it is like this. The second episode of the series took the ninth place in the category of all people. Finishing the day in sixth place in the AB category, the series achieved the fifth place in ABC1.

The viewers, who evaluated that the Hakim series did not hold up, do not expect a very serious leap in the new episodes.

The Alparslan Great Seljuk series, broadcast on TRT1 on Monday, April 11, won first place in all categories. The series still continues to impress a very large audience and although the ratings have dropped a little, it does not lose the first place.

Let’s say that with the 138th episode of the Yasak Elma (Forbidden Apple) series, it received good ratings in all audience groups and achieved third place. The Üç Kuruş series, on the other hand, took the seventh place in all people and the sixth in ABC1. Completing the AB group in the eighth place, the series will make the final with its 28th episode.

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