Haktan Zavlak, popular with the Tozluyaka series, made a confession that shocked everyone!
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6 December 2022 07:07


Haktan Zavlak, popular with the Tozluyaka series, made a confession that shocked everyone!

How much Haktan Zavlak resembles the character of Çağrı in Tozluyaka in real life! The actor’s confession was surprising. Ahmet Hakan Zavlak has made an effective debut in the youth series Tozluyaka, which was broadcast on Fox TV recently.

The actor, who brings the life of a young man who is in trouble with the character of Çağrı Koçak, to the audience, is experiencing a rapid popularity process in his acting career, which he started in 2019.

Haktan Zavlak, who stepped into the industry with a TV series called Bir Aile Hikayesi, also managed to attract the attention of a large audience with the character of Erim Argun in the TV series Yasak Elma (Forbidden Apple). Afterwards, the actor gained experience in the digital series called Yeşilçam and later in the TV series Oğlum (Son), and finally took part in the young staff of the TV series Tozluyaka.

Haktan Zavlak, who was also in the cast of the movie Demir Kadın Neslican, became one of the most talked about names in social media thanks to the Tozluyaka series. The young actress answered questions from her fans as the guest of the program on Onedio’s youtube channel.

The resemblance to the character of Çağrı in Tozluyaka was also revealed upon a fan’s question. “Are you someone who gets into this much trouble in real life as well as on the show?” The actor gave the following answer to the question:

“Yes, unfortunately, there is a production that has suffered a bit. Is there a spell on me that I don’t understand since I was a kid, I’m always in trouble.”

Haktan Zavlak, who made his fans smile with these words, said that when he received an offer from the series, he did not think that he would be a popular person in such a short time.

The actor said, “It was very surprising to me. The first episodes were published, Çağrı became the agenda on Twitter. Instagram started to rise all of a sudden. I said, ‘What’s going on’. I certainly wasn’t expecting it,” he said.

Stating that he thought he could not get along with Can Bartu and Özgür Daniel Foster when he first met during the reading rehearsals of the series, the actor said that the situation changed after that.

Haktan Zavlak said, “I looked at Özgür, I looked at Can, I said that I absolutely cannot agree. “Right now, they’re two of the people I’m closest to,” he said.

On social media platforms, Haktan Zavlak and Serra Pirinç get great interaction. All aspects of Çağrı and Zeyno, who are shown among the influential couples in the series, impress young viewers.

In social media, these two young actors are constantly managing to be one of the top 5 most talked about names. In the research covering the second week of September by Somera, Zeyno and Çağrı were the fifth most popular TV series couples among the most popular TV series couples.

You can find the answers of Hakan Zavlak to questions from his fans in the video below.

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