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20 May 2022 20:58


Halil Ergün, who was remembered with Yaprak Dökümü, is making a comeback after years!

Halil Ergün, who won the hearts of millions of viewers with his character Ali Rıza in the TV series Yaprak Dökümü, was not on the sets for a long time. The famous actor is getting ready to meet his fans again with the movie called Dedemin Göz Yaşları.

It has been revealed that the film, which includes names such as Turgay Tanülkü and Cem Kılıç, as well as Erkan Petekkaya, will be released on March 18, 2022. Written and directed by İhsan Taş, the project, implemented in partnership with Taş Film and Öndeş Yapım, is eagerly awaited.

Halil Ergün will be on the big screen with the character of “Dede Kemal”, who will set a throne in the hearts of the audience. Halil Ergün, who gave life to the grandfather of the character named Mustafa, will be remembered for a long time not only with his love for his grandchild, but also with his struggle for life.

Expressing that he acted the role of a grandfather for the first time in his acting career, the veteran actor said: “I was promoted from father to grandfather. I am so happy. I never had a grandfather. I was never favored by a grandfather when my parents scolded. Unfortunately, I have no memories of my grandparents. I accepted this project because it is very warm and sincere. I dedicate this project to all grandfather-grandson-son relationships.”

Other actors in the movie with Halil Ergün are as follows: “Erkan Petekkaya, Cem Kılıç, Ali Kürşat Uzun, Seda Tosun, Elif Kaya, Turgay Tanülkü, Ali İpin, Aliye Uzunatağan, Sinem Yıldırım, Kubilay Eraslan, Eylül Akdağ, Kıvanç Erkan, Elif Powerkiran, Sinan Bengier, Hüseyin Elmalıpınar, Can Kolukısa, Yavuz Karakaş, Kerem İçyer, Evrim Polat and Emrah Doğan.”

The plot of the movie is as follows: Mustafa, who lost his parents in a traffic accident when he was a baby, grows up with great love next to his grandfather Kemal in a small and cute seaside town. Unfortunately, he struggles with the leukemia he contracted at the age of 10, with the support of his grandfather, locals and new friends he met at the hospital. In the movie, in which the power of love and true friendship and honesty act a leading role, the audience will both be saddened and realize the importance of protecting their loved ones with great emotional intensity.

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