Series News Halit Ergenç and Bergüzar Korel’s real life

Halit Ergenç and Bergüzar Korel’s real life


Halit Ergenç, who plays in the Wounded Love series, and Bergüzar Korel have a son named Ali.

Binary their reputation abroad in Turkey were able to carry.

There are serious fans in Latin America as well as Arab countries.

Halit Ergenç and Bergüzar Korel, 1001 Nights, married in the name and after the marriage.

They have a happy marriage … They are shown as a sample couple.

They are currently playing the same line. The Wounded Love series was very popular. Not only it is published in many countries in Turkey.

How is the real life of Halit Ergenç and Bergüzar Korel?

You will find many details on the video.