Halit Ergenç corrected an erroneous information about digital series!
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9 February 2023 09:34


Halit Ergenç corrected an erroneous information about digital series!

The allegations that the famous actor Halit Ergenç agreed to be one of the screen faces of Disney Plus for a high fee have been on the agenda for a while. It was even revealed that the actor will take the lead role in a new series called Nomen.

Halit Ergenç, who has been in London with his family for a while, denied the claim that they would settle in England, and announced that everything was not clear about the new project yet.

The actor, whom we watched in the Babil series, which was broadcast on Star TV in 2020, experienced great happiness with the birth of his third child. The actor, who experienced the joy of being a father for the third time with the birth of his daughter Leyla after his two sons, Ali and Han, continues to negotiate for new projects.

Stating that they will always stay in Istanbul as long as there are works, Halit Ergenç also spoke about the project as follows: “We are in talks, nothing is clear. I’m evaluating the work. I do not expect a role, I look at the role and the scenario among the offers and decide accordingly.”

Halit Ergenç, who did not deny the new series called Nomen for Disney Plus, but said that it has not been clarified yet, also explained the difference between digital series and television series.

Halit Ergenç, who corrected the misinformation about the fact that actors spend less time for digital series, said:

“We have shot hundreds of episodes on television so far. Digital platforms are a new production. Working hours are not shorter, you can concentrate more on the work to be done during working hours. It is different to take work for 150-170 minutes in a week… It is different to take work for 40-45 minutes in a week. As a result, the effort you will put into 40 minutes is 4 times more. We expect the resulting business to be even better.”

Expressing that he is not a business person and that he loves the acting profession, Halit Ergenç said that he wants to act as long as he can.

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