Halit Ergenç's new series, Nomen, will return a master actor to TV series after 7 years!
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29 September 2022 18:27


Halit Ergenç’s new series, Nomen, will return a master actor to TV series after 7 years!

Developments regarding Disney Plus’s new series Nomen, in which Halit Ergenç will play the leading role, are increasing… While it is revealed that the rehearsals of the series have started, the final preparations are expected to be completed.

In the TV series Nomen, which is expected to start shooting soon, it was revealed that Halit Ergenç will portray a character who manages to communicate with his wife, who is in a coma, by telepathic method. Songül Öden and Melis Sezen are also among the names in the cast in the Nomen series, which draws attention with its different story.

With the Nomen series, another master actor will return to the sets after 7 years. Deniz Türkali, who was born in 1944, did not take a role in TV series for a long time. The last time the audience watched the actress was the character of Saadet in the TV series “Kaderimin Yazıldığı Gün” in 2015.

Deniz Türkali, who agreed to return to TV series again, will have stepped into the sets again after 7 years. Deniz Türkali, whom we will watch in the story as the mother of the character to be played by Halit Ergenç, has achieved great success with the movies she has appeared in so far.

The actress, whom we watched in influential roles in TV series, was also appreciated with the characters of Şahika in the series Dudaktan Kalbe and Perihan in the series Fatmagül’ün Suçu Ne (What is Fatmagül’s Crime).

Halit Ergenç is also preparing to return to the sets, which he has been taking a break for 2 years, with this series. The actor most recently appeared in front of his fans on the Star TV screen with the TV series Babil.

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