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6 July 2022 20:13


Hande Ataizi, the American journalist’s husband is divorced!

Actress Hande Atazi was divorced from American journalist Benjamin Harvey, who entered the world house on September 8,

Hande Ataizi, who wanted custody of his son, said in a divorce petition, “Love and respect in the first years of our marriage has come to an end with time, and there is violent discouragement among us because we do not grow up in different cultures.

Hande Ataizi shared the instagram after the divorce.

She said; “I wanted to share with you my first step in a new phase of my life today … I ended up marrying with seven years of my husbund and my only son, Leon’s father, Benjamin Harvey … The 8-year tie is over, but we will continue to see the three of us again together. as a father, in meals, in parks, in school, as friendship and friendship between us is so strong that it will not end with a divorce, and there is an end as if everything is a beginning, as long as love, respect and friendship are lost in our lives. ”

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