Artists News Hande Doğandemir surprised with her image!

Hande Doğandemir surprised with her image!

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Two famous actress’, one is Hande Doğandemir and the other is Merve Boluğur… Neither of them are currently in the series. Doğandemir is dealing with theater, while Boluğur cannot get enough of traveling… Two famous names enchant their fans with their posts on social media.

Preparing for the play named Waterproof, Hande Doğandemir is excited to be on the stage again. The actress had to take a break from the stages due to the pandemic. The game will meet with its audience again on December 3. Doğandemir, who shared her special shots on social media, attracted great attention with her different style.

Expressing that he was very pleased with the special shots, the actor published her photographs with the note “One of my favorite shots that I love every shot”.

The famous actress, whom her fans admired very much with her new image, attracted attention both with her posts showing her beauty on social media and her rehearsals for the theater play.

The famous actress Merve Boluğur, who you have not seen in projects for a long time, had a lot of fun on the holiday. However, the actor loves to travel and shows his fans different poses with the posts he makes from wherever he goes.

Merve Boluğur posted the following pose with the note “Enjoy the silence”. Boluğur, escaping from the noise and problems of life, takes a holiday among the greenery where silence prevails.