Hande Erçel, Akın Akınözü, Alina Boz, Kerem Bürsin fans are on the news from Latin America!
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5 February 2023 05:36


Hande Erçel, Akın Akınözü, Alina Boz, Kerem Bürsin fans are on the news from Latin America!

Our actors, who have huge fan bases not only in Turkey but also abroad, have become world-famous celebrities with the TV series they acted in! Especially with the spread of social media, TV series and actors broadcasted in different countries are increasingly talked about and recognized.

Among the names that do not fall on the agenda on social media and sometimes receive comments from foreign fans more than local fans, the prominent names of the last period are certain! Hande Erçel and Kerem Bürsin are leading these names!

The two actors, who starred together in the romantic comedy Sen Çal Kapımı (Love is in the Air), then fell in love and broke up, gained immense popularity after their series aired in more than 80 countries! Awards from different countries of the world are also increasing after this fame!

This year’s finalists for the Produ Awards, which are considered the Emmys of Latin America, have been recently announced! Among the finalists, there are players from our country such as Hande Erçel, Öykü Karayel, Kerem Bürsin, Akın Akınözü and Alina Boz.

At the Produ Awards, where the results are eagerly awaited, Hande Erçel previously performed with Sen Çal Kapımı for 2 years in a row. She was nominated for “Best Foreign Language Actress”. Erçel became a finalist for the Produ Awards once again.

In the meantime, let’s add that Sen Çal Kapımı series was also deemed worthy of the ‘Best Foreign Series’ award in 2021 at the Produ Awards.

Will we wait and see if one or more of the actors who successfully represent our country abroad will receive an award this year? Excitement is already at its peak…

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