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7 July 2022 04:31


Hande Erçel and Kerem Bürsin, left their mark on New Year night!

In 2020 the couple managed to become the most talked series Hande Erçelen Kerem Bursin duo, published yesterday evening at TV8 screen in O Ses Türkiye literally enchanted the audience in the Christmas special program. The duo sang together and showed once again how good a duo they are with their energy and harmony.

Hande Erçel radiated a dazzling glow with her low-cut outfit… Kerem Bürsin was not serious at all with her suit, on the contrary, she was very funny and sympathetic. Showing once again last night that they deserve to be the best series couple, the duo enchanted their fans. Thousands of messages about the duo were shared on social media.

“The duo that left their mark on the night” comments were written by many people on social media platforms. Hande Erçel did not hesitate to display her cleavage bravely. Erçel posted this photo on her Instagram account with the new year surprise tag, and also broke a record by getting nearly 2 million likes.

Kerem Bürsin posted the same photo on his Instagram account and received nearly 1.4 million likes. Bürsin shared with the note “Some surprises before the New Year” and Hande Erçel replied, saying “I was going to share this”.

It is also wondered whether the New Year’s Eve program will contribute to the low ratings of the series You Play Door, whose new episode will be aired on Saturday, January 2, or will the audience be back on the screen.

Two famous players of the moments that revealed the high energy, it was thousands of posts on social media and the duo took place in Turkey’s agenda. During the program, many photos were also featured on social media, and even these photos were enough to explain the energy of the two.

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