Hande Erçel came out first among Turkish actors in a global vote!
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4 February 2023 09:23


Hande Erçel came out first among Turkish actors in a global vote!

The worldwide success of Turkish actors with the sales of our TV series abroad is increasing. Turkish actors, who also take part in TV series and movies broadcast on digital platforms, attract more attention around the world.

With the effect of social media, the popularity of Turkish actors is increasing in many countries. Our actors, who have millions of fans and are followed with interest on social media, make us proud on behalf of the country.

Famous actors, who are the reflection of the modern face of Turkey and also play a major role in the sales of our TV series abroad, are the names that contribute to the development of the industry. With their increasing recognition, they are also the leading roles in more ambitious productions.

Actors, who recently started with Netflix and Disney Plus and took bolder roles in more original stories, are making their names known to more and more people.

Turkish actors, who make great contributions to both themselves and the industry, are nominated for many internationally recognized awards, and rise to the top in large-scale competitions held over social media.

One of these competitions has attracted attention recently. Hande Erçel, who was nominated in the list of the ’10 Most Beautiful Muslim Women in the World’ in a survey organized by the global site FillGap, succeeded to be the first by receiving the majority of the votes!

German and Turkish actress Meryem Uzerli took the second place on the list. Fahriye Evcen, on the other hand, managed to enter the top 10 charts in the 7th place…

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