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[Hande Ercel] criticized mad


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MerveBolugur fans turned to MuratDalkilic with her HandeErcel criticism!

Beginning to live love with HandeErcel shortly after MuratDalkilic was divorced with MerveBolugur, the popper shared a photograph with HandeErcel in Instagram for the first time last day.

However, MuratDalkilic pissed off comments about MerveBolugur and HandeErcel that came under the photograph.

MuratDalkilic participated in the Coechalla Festival with player dear HandeErcel.

MuratDalkilic, who lived far away from the eyes of an associate, shared his photograph with Instagram for the first time with his love.

He compared to the photographs on the messages closed comment.

This movement of MuratDalkilic was later interpreted as ‘Love without comment’ in the social media.

HandeErcel’s spoken exposure at the Coechella Festival …