Hande Erçel experienced a career leap!
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30 March 2023 10:41


Hande Erçel experienced a career leap!

Hande Erçel is experiencing the golden period of her career! Famous actress Hande Erçel receives great support from her fans, no matter what she says or what project she is involved in. The famous actress, who managed to increase the number of followers up to 13 million on Instagram, drags millions of fans in many countries, not only in our country.

The famous actress, who had a hard time in the past years, had difficulties both in her private life and in her business life. She, who lost her mother due to cancer in December 2019, took important steps in her career in the projects she took part in.

The actress, who was very excited in the Black Pearl series, managed to show herself in the Ring series in 2019. She then shouldered a big burden in the Azize series and did her job. However, with low ratings, the project ended early.

Starter, who started well in 2020, also impressed her fans in her cooperation with a clothing brand, and the clothes she introduced attracted great attention. There are rumors about marriage with Murat Dalkilic about the actress who has a happy day in her private life.

Hande Erçel took another important step in her career with a romantic comedy project by starring in the series of Sen Çal Kapımı. She who received an award from the Golden Butterfly for the series Love Doesn’t Understand Words, is preparing to show herself with Sen Çal Kapımı.

It was revealed from the first shared photographs and promotional images that Kerem Bürsin and Hande Erçel were a good series couple.

She, who continues to share her beauty from her Instagram account, receives hundreds of thousands of likes and thousands of compliment comments. The famous actress is experiencing the golden days of her career.

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