Hande Erçel released the short film of that cover, over 1 million in hours!
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4 February 2023 08:57


Hande Erçel released the short film of that cover, over 1 million in hours!

Hande Erçel is currently on the screens with Fox TV’s popular romantic comedy series Love Is In The Air. She does not fall off the agenda with her series in front of the camera with Kerem Bürsin. The actress, who has a large fan base especially in social media, is an event with everything he does. Erçel, a young and successful name, has been on the cover of a magazine recently.

The actress, whose popularity has also increased with her series, frequently gives interviews to magazines and is on the cover in new issues. The actress’ latest photos from Mag magazine’s December issue quickly spread across social media.

Hande Erçel shared the photos on the Instagram page after the magazine was released. Millions of fans also shared these photos on social media and made praise comments and they still continue to do so.

These photos of the actress, who posed quite ambitious in black dresses, were met with great interest. Hande Erçel made another surprise this time and released the live version of the shootings.

Along with the shots of the photos, she also shared the short film edited behind the camera on his instagram page.

You can watch the short film below, in which his fans made nearly 1 million 240 thousand likes and almost 17 thousand comments in a few hours.

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