Artists News Hande Erçel was once again talked about and admired for her last pose!

Hande Erçel was once again talked about and admired for her last pose!


Hande Erçel has recently become the sought-after face of brands. The actress, who has reached a considerable number of followers, especially on social media, is almost running after brands!

Hande Erçel currently has 29 million followers. Hande Erçel, as a name that does not fall off the social media after the TV series “Sen Çal Kapımı” (Love is in the Air) was broadcast in more than 80 countries, is talked about a lot and is constantly on the agenda. Although Erçel has not been involved in a project for a long time, she is always on the agenda!

Having made an agreement with Disney Plus in the past months, the actress has also become one of the brand ambassadors of the digital platform in Turkey. It is not yet clear in which production of Disney Plus she will take part, but it is eagerly awaited. The fact that the actress will play in a Disney Plus series or movie, which is shown in many countries of the world, will also be of special importance in her career.

Hande Erçel is neither in the series nor in the movie, but it is constantly being talked about! She gets millions of likes and thousands of comments for every post she makes.

The actress is also the face of the Nocturne brand for a while. She recently appeared in front of the lens for the company’s new season clothes. After she shared the first photo, it was almost as if she was getting commendable comments and likes from her fans!

One of the poses that Erçel gave for Nocturne, in which she was the face of the advertisement, was shared. The first frame from the brand’s new season shoot was met with great interest from Hande Erçel fans, and the actress once again took center stage with her beauty…

Here is Hande Erçel’s highly admired and widely spoken pose.