Artists News Hande Erçel works amazingly both on set and promotions!

Hande Erçel works amazingly both on set and promotions!


Hande Erçel, who has started working on her new TV series named İki Yabancı (Two Foreigners), is also experiencing the excitement of meeting with the audience again in the winter season. The actress will appear on the set with Burak Deniz, with whom she previously acted in the TV series Aşk Laftan Anlamaz.

The actress, who is on the agenda with advertisement and promotional meetings, also said that they have started shooting the series İki Yabancı. Stating that the studies are going well, the famous actress continues to study at the university.

The famous actress, who is reminded that she is followed and admired both in Turkey and abroad, told the following on the question of what it was like:

“It is a very special feeling, of course. It makes you feel special and proud. It’s a precious feeling.”

Stating that she has holiday plans in the summer, but her priority is her job, Hande Erçel said that while she continues to work on the set during the summer period, she also has holiday plans.

The famous actress said, “I have good holiday plans, but my priority is my job. My job is going well, let it end well, then we will see,” she said.

Hande Erçel, who appeared on the set for the TV series İki Yabancı and participated in various events for brand collaborations in promotional organizations, is once again experiencing a period of intense work.

The famous actress said, “I’m working guys, I’m working incredibly,” and said that she was in a busy period.