Hande Erçel's fans started such a campaign that it's hard not to get emotional!
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1 April 2023 22:24


Hande Erçel’s fans started such a campaign that it’s hard not to get emotional!

Famous Actress Hande Erçel is one of many famous names who volunteer to help earthquake victims. The actress, who has a large domestic and foreign fan base with the TV series she starred in, won the hearts of her fans once again by participating in aid-support activities after the earthquake disaster in Turkey.

The actress, together with her colleagues and volunteers, helped various institutions and organizations to collect the necessary materials to be sent to the earthquake region that affected our 10 provinces, and still continues.

Hande Erçel, as a name with 30 million followers on Instagram, is also a name that increases the interaction with her shares on social media.

Another support project of Erçel regarding the earthquake area continues with the campaign he prepared in partnership with Elle Türkiye magazine.

The famous actress, who studied at the Faculty of Fine Arts at Mimar Sinan University, first designed her design, which symbolizes the earthquake zone, for the cover of the magazine.

Then this design was printed on the t-shirts of the Nocturne brand, of which it is the face, and offered for sale.

The design, which the actress symbolizes as a belt with flowers representing the region covering 10 cities damaged by the earthquake, is now sold as a t-shirt.

Hande Erçel fans also draw attention with another campaign that serves this special purpose.

Fans launched a ‘suspended t-shirts’ campaign to support the sale of the actor’s ‘Docking’ themed t-shirts. Thus, it is aimed to transfer both the clothes purchased and the income collected to the earthquake zone.

Details about the campaign are announced by Hande Erçel fans on social media, trying to provide support.

The income to be obtained will be transferred to the Hatay-based Füsun Sayek Health and Education Development Association and used in the works in the earthquake zone.

The t-shirts that have been suspended and that have Hande Erçel’s design printed will be used by people in need in the region, and an additional contribution will be made by donating their income to the association.

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