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Hande Erçel’s great pain


Famous Actress Hande Erçel is not on the agenda with her character in the series ‘Love is in the Air’, which is currently on the screen on Fox TV. The actress, who keeps screen harmony with Kerem Bürsin, is among the most popular young actors of the recent period. Erçel, who has nearly 17 million followers on her Instagram page, is spoken with every post she makes. The last sharing of the actress was heartbreaking.

As it is known, Hande Erçel lost her mother Aylin Erçel in January 2019. Aylin Erçel, who struggled with the cancer she was caught for a long time, unfortunately passed away. Hande Erçel tried to relieve her pain by hugging her father and sister Gamze Erçel after the loss of her mother.

Especially the birth of her sister’s daughter Aylin Mavi was a development that made the actress a little bit happy for Hande Erçel. But of course, Hande Erçel, like every human being, still has the pain of losing her mother at an early age.

Although she continues her life, takes part in TV series, takes place in social media with funny images, life flows differently for Hande Erçel.

Hande Erçel, who shared a photo of her mother in her latest post, touched the hearts of her followers with the note she wrote. It is also seen how fresh the pain of Erçel, who once again expressed her feelings for her with this message he published on her mother’s birthday.

“Beautiful, it doesn’t leave my ears for a moment, you are here. You still kiss my neck every morning. Your birth today has been eternal ..

I know that every day you swim in a more beautiful sea than we imagine there .. I miss you so much mom .. ”

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