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9 August 2022 13:03


Hande Erçel’s new commercial is both modern and mysterious!

Atasay, who is young, catching the moment and carrying out extraordinary works in the sector with future-oriented designs, appeared in front of the consumers with her first commercial film she shot with the brand face, Hande Erçel.

The film, in which the successful actress reflects different styles in modern and mysterious environments, at home, at a party, in the kitchen, gives the message “Everyone hangs out according to their own style, but Atasay hangs out everywhere”. Atasay’s slogan “Take what suits you”, which has been offering women freely to make their own choices since 2017, appears as a jingle in the commercial.

Accompanying the winds of change in the fashion world with trendy and innovative collections, Atasay continues to inspire women with the successful actress Hande Erçel, who is the face of the brand. The commercial, featuring Hande Erçel with her own voice, underlines that Atasay is a well-established yet innovative jewelery brand that creates designs suitable for every style and environment.

Throughout the commercial, which started with the words “Everybody hangs out with Atasay,” Hande Erçel transforms into a woman who decorates the Christmas tree in her cozy house, has fun with her friends at the party, prepares for a romantic night, makes a cake in her kitchen in a modern and mysterious environment, but the one thing that does not change There are Atasay jewelry that fits every style.

The advertisement film, which Atasay has been offering women to make their own choices freely since 2017, is also used as a jingle with the slogan “Take what suits you”, and gives a strong message with the words “Everyone hangs out according to their own style, but Atasay hangs everywhere”.

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