Hande Soral is also a regular of that series! Burcu Biricik's share of laughter! The most beautiful photo of Eda Ece!
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1 December 2022 12:02


Hande Soral is also a regular of that series! Burcu Biricik’s share of laughter! The most beautiful photo of Eda Ece!

All three of them are currently on the agenda with their series on the screen. Three players, all of which are successful from the other; Eda Ece, Hande Soral and Burcu Biricik are closely followed by their fans with their social media posts as well as their TV series.

Now let’s take a look at the latest posts of these three successful players. Hande Soral comes first. The actress chose a popular Netflix series for the weekend.

Since her husband İsmail Demirci is in Ordu for the Kuzey Yıldızı İlk Aşk (North Star) series, the time they get together is also limited. One of the joys of the couple in their spare time is watching foreign TV series like many others.

The actress, who played in Bir Zamanlar Çukurova (Bitter Lands) and understood that she came from Adana to Istanbul for a weekend break, has now embraced The Serpent series like many people.

A series of the crimes of Charles Sobhraj, a serial killer who killed young tourists between 1975-2000 and quoted from an actual incident.

Hande Soral shared the poster of the series on her Instagram page and suggested it to her followers.

Burcu Biricik is among those who spend the weekend with her husband Emre Yetkin watching Netflix. The actress, who has taken the storm with the TV series Camdaki Kız (Chrysalis), is in favor of having a calm weekend.

Like many people who were closed to homes due to the Covid 19 outbreak, they are among those who evaluate the quarantine by watching TV series and movies. The player, who reposted a post of her husband on Instagram, added the note “Yes we are,” to the note “We are watching Netflix with Curcu”.

This sharing of the couple, who likened the funny versions of the two llamas to themselves, also made those who saw it smile.

Eda Ece, who came to the screens with the Yasak Elma (Forbidden Fruit) series, is a name who uses social media very effectively. The actress, who shares abundantly behind the camera of the series, publishes many photos of herself.

Eda Ece, who talked a lot with her beauty as well as her acting, added a new one to her pleasant posts. However, this time he took her followers years ago.

Born in 1990, the actress shared a photograph of exactly 31 years. That pose of Eda Ece, who has two older sisters, on her sisters’ lap the first day she came home from the hospital, “The most beautiful photo in the world is for me. She shared with the note “I’m on my sisters’ lap, coming home”.

Despite her thousands of poses on social media, here is Eda Ece’s favorite photo …

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