Has Can Yaman lost his heart to an Italian beauty again?
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27 November 2022 09:20


Has Can Yaman lost his heart to an Italian beauty again?

Can Yaman, who has been in Italy for a long time, fell in love with Italian actress Francesca Chillemi this time after breaking up with his Italian lover Diletta Leotta.

The sharing of Can Yaman, one of the duo who has been together for a while, from his Instagram account, confirms the love rumors about him and Chillemi.

Can Yaman poses with Francesca Chillemi as “Beautiful like the sun.” posted it on social media. Can Yaman, who was in Italy for the TV series Sandokan, was named after the famous actress Francesca Chillemi after he broke up with Italian sports announcer Diletta Leotta, with whom he was getting married last year.

Can Yaman, who is frequently on the agenda with his private life and posts, announced on his social media account that he made a series of bomb deals in Italy in the summer of last year.

Announcing the details of the agreement on social media, Can Yaman joined the famous Italian actress and model Francesca Chillemi in the new series project ‘Violet Like the Sea’ produced by Matilde and Luca Bernabei’s Lux Vide together with RTI, which will be shot in Rome and Palermo at the end of September. announced that he will be playing the lead role.

For the first time, a candid pose came from the duo, who was also displayed together during the shoot. Can Yaman’s social media post was interpreted as “He declared his love by sharing photos with his new girlfriend”.

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