Series News Hasan Denizyaran fell into an action-packed series of adventures in the new season!

Hasan Denizyaran fell into an action-packed series of adventures in the new season!


Hasan Denizyaran became the leading actor of the action series The Yalnız Kurt (Lone Wolf), which was broadcast on ATV and canceled in the middle of the second season.

The young actor shared the lead role with Damla Colbay in the first season and Jessica May in the second season. Although the series narrated an important period in the history of Turkey and attracted the attention of a wide audience, it had to make a finale with the negative reflection of the scenario problems on the ratings.

Hasan Denizyaran, on the other hand, stood out as a name that made his name shine with the Yalnız Kurt TV series project.

Born in 1993, the young actor has been on the sets as an actor since 2014. Hasan Denizyaran, who attracted attention with the character of Akın in the daily series Elif, gained experience in various projects. The actor, who became popular with the latest Yalnız Kurt series, is now in a brand new adventure.

Hasan Denizyaran is one of the names in the renewed cast of the TV series Arka Sokaklar (Back Streets), which is preparing to present detective stories to the audience on Friday evenings with its 18th season. The actor also draws attention with his new image.

We can say that the Arka Sokaklar project is an important experience opportunity for Hasan Denizyaran, who we have seen from the introductions that the series will be effectively in the cast with the names that have been in the lead role for years.

The young actor has started a good process in his career, where he can gain very important experiences from the Arka Sokaklar series, which is established with both masters and experienced actors.

The shooting of the Arka Sokaklar series continues and new episodes are expected to meet with the audience as of September. Hasan Denizyaran fans began to eagerly await his new role.