Hatice Şendil’s excitement to return to the series!
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26 November 2022 19:16


Hatice Şendil’s excitement to return to the series!

Famous actress Hatice Şendil spends the holiday happily with her family. The famous actress, who married Burak Sağyaşar in 2015, brought her son Can to the world in May 2017.

The famous actress took a break from her career because she got pregnant with her son and then spent time to grow her up, but now it’s time to go back. She complained that she wanted to be in the series last year but could not find the appropriate project. Now that project has emerged and it’s time to return to the screen for Hatice Şendil.

Can baby grew up and Hatice Şendil will appear before the audience as Terken Hatun, the wife of the Seljuk Sultan Melikşah in the Nizamı Alem series, which will be broadcast on the TRT1 screen in the new season.

As the preparations for the series continue, Hatice Şendil also stores morale before the start of the shooting … The actress posted her photo with her husband Burak Sağyaşar and her son Can on their Instagram account.

Thousands of followers came to the family’s happiness poses. Fans of Hatice Şendil are also on social media with comments stating that they are very happy that they will return to the screen.

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