Hazal Kaya is looking for a new series project
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3 December 2022 08:28


Hazal Kaya is looking for a new series project

Hazal Kaya, who did not appear on the screens after Our Story series, gave a surprise news to her fans for the first time. As it is known, Hazal Kaya gave birth to her son Fikret Ali in November 2019. The actress has announced for the first time that she is currently in front of the camera for a movie project, but she may have a new project. The development of the series that makes the fans of Hazal Kaya happy will be clear in the coming days.

The actress is currently on the set of the movie adapted from Aslı Kızmaz’s book “What Happens From Me?” In the film, which started shooting a few weeks ago, she appeared in front of the camera with names such as Onur Tuna, Enis Arıkan, Selin Şekerci, Nur Fettahoğlu and Cem Belevi. She said that in the new season, she could take part in a series after this project.

It was a matter of curiosity whether Hazal Kaya would appear in a series after Our Story. Hazal Kaya responded to this issue in a video for the YouTube channel of her masterpiece, Ezgi Mola. Having a pleasant conversation in the “I Love Famous People” program, the duo also made the audience happy with their conversations.

It is reflected in the comments that especially Hazal Kaya fans enjoyed this conversation and were very pleased with the actor’s announcement about a new series project. If we say that Hazal Kaya is getting ready to return to the screen after the series Our Story …

Hazal Kaya, “What Happens From Me?” She stated that she could start a TV series after the movie with these words: “Then I think there will be a series. I don’t know, I have a job that gets very hot, let’s see, if I can fit my own conditions, I want it very much. ”

It seems that it is not a very remote possibility that Hazal Kaya will be on the screen in a series in the new season. She has stated that she will not prevent her son Fikret Ali from working and that she already spent 3 months of her pregnancy by working.

This means that Hazal Kaya fans are increasingly likely to see her on the screen in a new series …

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