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17 May 2022 18:21


Hazal Subaşı is in the shadow of despair and deep pain in the TV series Kasaba Doktoru!

Fans of the series are eagerly waiting for Friday evening, April 8… The Kasaba Doktoru (Town Doctor), who will be among the Aziz, Kaderimin Oyunu, Arka Sokaklar, Aşk Mantık İntikam, Yalnız Kurt TV series, can make a very good debut. Considering how much attention the TV series Doktorlar (Doctors) and Mucize Doktor (Miracle Doctor) have received, we can say that the chances of the Kasaba Doktoru are very high. Ozan Akbaba, Hazal Subaşı and Deniz Can Aktaş will be prominent names in the series, which draws attention especially with its cast.

The information about the story before the first episode also surprises the audience. In addition to the new image of Ozan Akbaba, the interesting personality of the character of Hakan Hoc will surprise the audience. Another surprising name in the series will be the character of Leyla. You will begin to feel the traces of the helplessness and deep pain experienced by this character, played by Hazal Subaşı, from the first episode.

In the new trailer of ‘Kasaba Doktoru’, Ömer and Hakan Hoca’s first encounter, as well as the despair and deep pain experienced by Leyla, with whom the young Doctor Ömer fell in love, and how these three idealistic doctors came together in a town hospital far from the city. took place.

In the preview scene broadcast from the first episode of the series, the moments when the first steps of the relationship between Ömer and Leyla were taken. Leyla, who saw that Ömer had difficulties in communicating with other doctors, took the first step, while Ömer impressed Leyla with her honesty and calm demeanor.

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