Artists News Hazal Türasan is in great fear!

Hazal Türasan is in great fear!


Hazal Türesan plays the character of Beliz in Miracle Doctor, one of the most successful productions of the 2019-2020 season on the Fox TV screen. Market looting that comes out with the coronavirus epidemic, people walking on the streets comfortably scare the famous actress.

Speaking to the Posta newspaper, the actress said, “I am very afraid of the ignorants who spoil the market, wandering the streets comfortably, wandering the park and garden in good weather. “It would not be nice to get sick and get to the hospital.”

Explaining that we injured our souls and each other, the actress stated that people caused the spread of the virus. She sees this as a price payment.

Saying that he recalls that daily problems are temporary, the actress said, “I realized how little I hug my family and my friends. I think about how precious the health workers working day and night, the couriers who meet our needs, the municipal workers collecting garbage. I understood once again. Despite all these strange negativities we experienced, I did not lose hope. I look forward to the beautiful days. “