Artists News HazalKaya fans are very happy

HazalKaya fans are very happy


HazalKaya, who had returned to the series with ‘Our Story’ on Fox TV screens, was happy with her fans.

Thanks to the successful performance of the series, the image of Filiz and the good rapport with BurakDeniz, ‘Our Story’ series was a good start for the player.

‘Our Story’ will continue the screen journey for the second season.

However, the real news that made fans happy about HazalKaya came from USA.

It turned out that HazalKaya was preparing to take part in international projects.

ÇağatayUlusoy has started to play a role in Netflix’s first Turkish series and now at the point of internationalization HazalKaya …

Engin Aykanat Management, the manager of the famous player, has signed a contract with United Talent Agency, one of the most powerful management companies in Hollywood. He told me last week about going to Los Angeles and seeing a few projects for HazalKaya, who met UTA.