Artists News Hazar Ergüçlü also carries the most important concern of female actors about different roles!

Hazar Ergüçlü also carries the most important concern of female actors about different roles!


Many famous actors aim to take part in different roles and thus have different experiences in their profession. Hazar Ergüçlü is a name that plays very different characters in the productions he has acted in until today.

Born in 1992 in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, the actress has been playing different roles on the sets since 2010. The actress, who became popular with the character of Simay in the Kuzey Güney series, joined the unforgettable series with the character of Eylül in the Medcezir series.

Hazar Ergüçlü, who takes part in projects one after another with very different female characters; She made a name for herself with television and digital series in different concepts such as Hayat Sırları, Dudullu Postası, Kadın, The Protector, Alev Alev, Saklı, Hayat Bugün.

The actress, who has shown herself in movies and recently in the theater, has achieved a strong acting career among these intense serial performances. During this career, the hair care issue, which especially affected all female actors, was one of the points that Hazar Ergüçlü paid attention to.

The actress said, “Good hair is very important. Something that changed my whole self-confidence. I also care a lot about the care of my hair,” she said. Explaining the importance of her hair in her profession with these words, the actress said that she uses less shampoo and takes care to wash her hair with cream every day.

The actress said, “It is exhausting to have my hair processed on set every day. That’s why we regularly have maintenance done,” she said, addressing one of the most important problems of female actors.

Hazar Ergüçlü, who has been resting for a while and appeared in front of her fans in the theater with the play called Timsah Ateşi (Crocodile Fire), said that they took a break and will return to the stage in October.

The actress, who aims to rest by going on holidays, is also evaluating the offers for the winter season. Explaining that she has started screenplay readings, Ergüçlü aims to appear in front of the audience in the new period if he finds a good project.

Talking about her vacation plans, the actress said, “My vacation plans will continue, I will travel very well, as much as I can.”

Explaining that she goes to her family in Northern Cyprus whenever she has the opportunity, Hazar Ergüçlü added that she is in good spirits and that she is happy in her private life.