Artists News HazarErgüçlü’s new hair style detail!

HazarErgüçlü’s new hair style detail!


One of ÇağatayUlusoy’s rookies, HazarErgüçlü, is the Protector of Netflix’s first Turkish series.

Born on 1 January 1992 in Cyprus, the player was noted for her character Simay, who played in the North South tv series in 2011.

She, who is currently on holiday, cuts off her hair and makes a new image.

However, many people did not like this new image.

The actress, who was on the agenda with the love she experienced with director OnurÜnlü, was hooked up to the object in Cihangir with hers new image.

It turns out that she, who scooped the enessa and kneaded her hair, is in the mystery of this change for the second season shoot.

Mature “I cut my hair. Did not fit, I cut for the role, ” she said the message.

It is said that the second season of Protector seires will start soon, and she has changed her image because of her role in the series.