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12 August 2022 11:37


He is so comfortable on a horse… Burak Tozkoparan has no riding experience before the Destan series!

Burak Tozkoparan, who plays the character of Temur Tegin in the Destan (Epic) series, is living the most special days of his career. Taking part in very influential serials and roles at a young age is both a great chance and an important experience opportunity for the actors.

Ebru Şahin, Selim Bayraktar and Edip Tepeli share the lead roles in the series, which is broadcast on ATV screens on Tuesday evenings. Temur Tegin and Burak Tozkoparan, one of the most striking side roles, do justice to the role. The actor draws attention with his relaxed demeanor, especially in the scenes where he is riding a horse.

Stating that he has a good communication with animals, the actor said, “The thing I am most comfortable with can be a horse. I usually use the same horse when it comes to horses. Since I have a dog, I think I can communicate with animals,” he said.

The actor, who learned well what the animals he was with on the set of the series liked and did not like, is comfortable in the shootings thanks to his good dialogue with them. You must have noticed how professional and relaxed Burak Tozkoparan looks in the scenes on horseback. What makes this difference is the strong dialogue that the actor has with the animals…

The actor thinks that his dog, who has lived with him for 3-4 years, has made some difference in communicating with animals. The actor said, “I can understand what he likes and dislikes now. I didn’t have a big problem at that point either. I hope I don’t live,” and explained that he and his horse were in perfect harmony on the set.

It is surprising that the actor, who did not have any horse riding experience before the Destan series, came to this point in such a short time.

Burak Tozkoparan said, “For the first time in my life, I am experiencing horse riding. I have never ridden a horse before. Since I have had a dog for 3-4 years, I can understand his problem from the way she looks. My horse’s name is Kızılok. I can understand her concern too. “Mine is such a comfortable horse, it feels better to let her go.”

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