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3 July 2022 11:22


He left the series Hayaller ve Hayatlar and joined the new series of Show TV!

The series Hayaller ve Hayatlar (Dreams and Lives), produced by NGM Media, continues on the Bein Connect platform. The series has an impressive story and strong lead actors. In addition to influential female actors such as Özge Gürel, Aybüke Pusat, Melisa Aslı Pamuk and Yeşim Ceren Bozoğlu, Serkay Tütüncü, Yusuf Çim and Ekin Mert Daymaz also appear in the series as male leads.

We see that there is a great interest in the series, whose new episodes are broadcast on Thursday evenings, both domestically and abroad. The series, which stands out with its women’s story, narrates the events of 4 friends. It is no surprise that the series has so far gained a large fan base, especially abroad.

It turned out that Altan Dönmez, who directed the TV series Hayaller ve Hayatlar, left. Altan Dönmez, who shot the first 10 episodes, transferred the task to the second director and made a deal for a new series.

Altan Dönmez will shoot Show TV’s new series, İkinci Şans (Second Chance), prepared by BKM. The series, which is written by master writer Gani Müjde, will come to the fore as a youth story.

Let’s say that this story of high school teenagers will come to the screen as a drama series. It is expected that young actors, whose names are not heard much, will be included in the cast of the series. Show TV’s new series will especially try to attract young people to the screen, and the fact that a very influential writer like Gani Müjde created the script made the İkinci Şans series stand out.

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