Hercai, Kadın, and now Kardeşlerim! Turkish series craze in South America!
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29 November 2022 10:16


Hercai, Kadın, and now Kardeşlerim! Turkish series craze in South America!

There is great interest in Turkish series in different parts of the world. Especially in South America, our TV series are very popular. Turkish TV series, which have been broadcast in many countries for many years, have a special importance in countries called Latin America.

The reason for this is also very curious… Cultural partnerships lie behind the rise of Turkish TV series in Latin American countries. In this region, where the concept of family is very important, the issues of perseverance and resilience are also compatible with the social reality of the peoples of South America.

This is the reason why Turkish TV series are so widespread in Latin America and have great success. It was recently revealed that the TV series named Kardeşlerim will be broadcast by the Chilean national television TVN. The TV series Kadın and Hercai were also broadcast on the same channel and had great success. It seems that the rise of our TV series will continue in the coming years due to the cultural partnership.

It is a proud event that the TV series “Kadın” is especially popular in Spain, and now Sadakatsiz gets good ratings in this country. Turkish TV series are also watched a lot in Italy and great interest in our actors continues.

The effectiveness of our TV series both in South America and Europe has a positive effect on the promotion of our country.

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