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4 July 2022 06:33


Hercai series ignited the fuse of a marriage!

The Hercai series, which was broadcast for 3 seasons on the ATV screen, left its mark on a period. The series, which was broadcast not only in Turkey but also in many countries, had important results.

Above all, the series, which made a great contribution to the promotion of Turkey, also brought good ratings to ATV. The actors in the series experienced an important period in their careers. Ebru Şahin and Akın Akınözü became popular. The two successful actors, who have made their names known in many countries of the world, also receive many offers for new projects.

One of the effects of the Hercai series was that the rapprochement between Tansu Taşanlar, who was a partner on the set, and Oya Unustası, which started on the set, turned into love.

Two famous actors crowned their love with marriage. Hercai series is over, but he left many memories behind. Thanks to the series, both actors found each other and signed on to continue their lives together.

The wedding of Tansu Taşanlar and Oya Unustası was held with the participation of many important people.

The pictures from the wedding were also very beautiful. The dances of the two famous names were also very impressive.

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