Here are some of the favorite TV series couples of this summer, Cemre Baysel and Burak Celik, behind the camera
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29 September 2022 17:35


Here are some of the favorite TV series couples of this summer, Cemre Baysel and Burak Celik, behind the camera

Among the romantic comedy series of the summer months, the remarkable production was the series Senden Daha Güzel (More Beautiful than You). The series, which was broadcast on Fox TV on Tuesday evenings, managed to become one of the popular productions of the screen.

The viewers, who adopted the series for a short time, often talk about the series on social media. Especially last season, Cemre Baysel, who came to the screen with the romantic comedy called Baht Oyunu, is frequently on the agenda in social media with the series Senden Daha Güzel, with a large fan base.

This time, Cemre Baysel’s fans, who are partners with Burak Çelik, praise the actor at every opportunity. Burak Çelik and Cemre Baysel seem to have kept their yeast in the TV series Senden Daha Güzel. It is seen that the two actors have achieved harmony on the set with the images taken during the rehearsals behind the camera.

The series, which has been on the screen since the beginning of summer, raises the possibility of continuing in the season with its successful course. While the ambitious series of the summer season started with the İçimizdeki Ateş, Sevmek Zamanı, Gizli Saklı, Seni Kalbime Sakladım TV series, the final decision was made for the TV series Ah Nerede.

Senden Daha Güzel series continues on its way successfully.

The series, Senden Daha Güzel, continues to be the romantic comedy production with the best ratings of the summer season. While the disappointment about the series that started in the summer period with the finale of the Gizli Saklı (Secret Hidden) series last week, the series Senden Daha Güzel continues to offer hope with the characters of Efsun and Emir.

The series, which has received the support of Cemre Baysel fans since the day it was first published as the favorite couple of summer on social media, still maintains this support. The followers of the series talk about the lead couple by tweeting thousands of tweets every day, and thus they continue to make the Emir and Efsun couple of the series Senden Daha Güzel the favorite couple of the summer.

Behind-the-scenes footage of the series is also watched with excitement. During the shooting of the 8th episode, the states of the two actors are also reflected on the screen. Viewers follow these images with excitement…

The harmony behind the camera of Cemre Baysel and Burak Çelik, the leading actors, can also be seen in the videos. The stance of the two actors during rehearsals and filming on the set of the drama is also an indication of how much they care about their work and work hard. Here are some of those moments…

The entertaining story of the series, Senden Daha Güzel, which Fox TV presented to the audience for the summer season and which impresses with its successful output, is followed with admiration not only in Turkey but also in many different regions abroad.

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