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6 July 2022 06:44


He’s a plaza gentleman now! Alperen Duymaz will surprise you with his new role!

Alperen Duymaz, who entered the maturity period of his career with the Son Yaz series in which he played the Akgün character, is currently preparing for his new project. The talented actor will appear in front of his fans with an unusual character in his new project.

Alperen Duymaz is one of the young actors who came to the fore with the talent of the last period. She continues to climb the career ladder rapidly in the world of TV series, which she stepped into with the series Küçük Tatlı Yalancılar. The handsome actor from the theater reinforced his talent with the TV series Çukur and Bodrum Masalı.

The young actor has now taken his career to a whole new level with the series Son Yaz, in which he acted for the past two seasons. Duymaz proved that he is now an adult with his success in the character named Akgün in the series.

Alperen Duymaz is now in the excitement of his new project. The talented actor will take a role in the production of Erkek Severse, which will be published on the Bein Connect platform. This will be Alperen Duymaz’s first digital project.

However, in this series, Alperen Duymaz will experience another first. Duymaz, who has played student or mafia characters until today, will appear in front of his fans as a plaza man this time. The actor, who is preparing for the character of Kenan, the owner of a digital marketing company, will present a different role to the audience with the story that will last for 13 episodes.

In Son Yaz, Duymaz, who played a mafia son like himself, will appear on the screen as a handsome white-collar plaza employee.

The search continues for the actress, in which Alperen Duymaz will play the leading role. The director of the series, in which Aslı Zengin wrote the story, was Ömür Atay.

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