Hilal Altınbilek shared, Bitter Lands fans made excitement!
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29 November 2022 10:57


Hilal Altınbilek shared, Bitter Lands fans made excitement!

Bitter Lands, one of the popular series of ATV screens, has been storming on the screen for 2 seasons… The famous actress Hilal Altınbilek, who attracted attention with her successful performance, continues to win hearts with the character of Züleyha.

Bitter Lands, one of the most successful productions of recent years with its ratings, managed to keep its audience in spite of the great leap of the A Miracle series last season. In the third season, it will not be surprising that the series will continue with high interest and rating rates.

Even though many of her fans agreed that she should have received the “best actress” award, Hilal Altınbilek had not received the reward she had been waiting for in Golden Butterfly … The Bitter Lands team gathered in Adana. Hilal Altınbilek excited the series fans with her sharing.

The famous actress shared the following message from her instagram account:

“Evening hours are a memory of the set… good evening everyone.”

This sharing received thousands of likes and the fans of the series, who learned that the team was reunited and that the shootings will begin, stated that they were very happy. “We miss Züleyha, let the series begin now” comments were made. The third season episodes of the series are expected to air in September.

The roster of the series starring Vahide Perçin, Murat Ünalmış, Hilal Altınbilek, Uğur Güneş and Kerem Alışık is very wide… Master names such as Bülent Polat, Selin Yeninci, Esra Dermancıoğlu, Melike İpek Yalova, Serpil Tamur also give life to important characters. In addition, two important players participated in the series this season. One of them is Nazan Kesal and the other is Furkan Palalı. Both famous names will make great contributions to the series in the third season.

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