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21 May 2022 21:24


How did the series “Oğlum” on Show TV start in the ratings!

Show TV series named “Oğlum” will now take place in the rating competition on Wednesday evenings. In the lead roles of the series, the first episode of which was published on February 9; Canan Ergüder, Songül Öden, Feyyaz Duman, Nihal Yalçın, Serhat Teoman and Timur Acar.

The reactions to the series, which broke the hearts of the audience with its first episode, and which had a long effect with the death of a child, were very positive. The social media reflection of the TV series “Oğlum”, which brings a strong drama story together with the audience, is good, but how did the ratings come?

The ratings of the first episode of each series are very important in terms of measuring how much the audience shows interest in the story, and the TV series “Oğlum” was also a project that received a passing grade.

The series, Oğlum, which received above-average ratings as of the first episode, seems to be in a position to experience good rises in the coming weeks.

The above-average ratings for the opening of the TV series “Oğlum”, which came in ninth in the all-person category, finished the day in sixth place in the EU, and placed eighth in ABC1, look good.

While it’s not a very good start, the series isn’t in a bad shape either. Considering that the Fox TV series called Kanunsuz Topraklar made its finale with the 16th episode, there is a possibility that many viewers will switch to the series Oğlum next week.

On the evening of February 9, when Kuruluş Osman won first place in all categories and reached the best rates of the season, Kanal D’s Sadakatsiz series also got good results. Sadakatsiz finished second in the AB group and finished the day fourth in the all-person and ABC1 groups.

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