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18 May 2022 13:49


How Enis Arıkan challenged handsome actor Kıvanç Tatlıtuğ!..

Famous actor Enis Arıkan is mentioned both on television screens, on stage and in movie theaters.

The famous actor, who appeared in front of the audience with a drama production after a long hiatus, with the character of “Zafer”, which he portrayed in Kanal D’s Camdaki Kız series, was appreciated for his performance. At the same time, the actor is excited to return to the stage with the Alice Musical after two years. If Enis Arıkan is in the cinema, what will happen to me? meeting with his fans.

The actor is also extremely active on social media. The actor, who won the sympathy of his fans with his humorous posts from time to time and the videos he took from his private life, managed to make his followers laugh with his last post.

Under the poses of the actor, who shared his height photos from his Instagram account; ‘Just between us, Me 1
Kıvanç 2 dropped his grade 3. I don’t care.

Enis Arıkan’s post, in which he referred to the handsomeness of the famous actor Kıvanç Tatlıtuğ, was showered with appreciation by his followers.

Some fans took photos; While commenting “You are more natural”, many famous names, including Hazal Kaya and Seda Sayan, commented on the photos with smiley emoji.

Enis Arıkan, who recently went to Barcelona, ​​Spain, returned to Turkey after a short vacation. The actor will meet his fans on Kanal D screens this evening with the series “Camdaki Kız”.

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