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5 July 2022 17:39


How pink suits Aslıhan Güner! Cheerful screams in the Forbidden Fruit set! Hazal Kaya’s surprise!

Let’s take a look at the latest posts of 3 famous names that attract attention with their social media posts. First place is Aslıhan Güner, the star of the North Star. The actress portrays a Black Sea woman in the series. Yıldız, who wears colorful clothes, is also appreciated for her style.

Aslıhan Güner is a name who prefers a sports style in her daily life. However, she is not afraid of bold colors either. This time the actress drew attention with her pinky.

You can see the sports elegance that Aslıhan Güner captured with her pink hat and cardigan below. The actress’ red hair and pink clothes also get likes from her fans on social media.

Hazal Kaya, who uses the purple-haired filter frequently nowadays, rejoiced her followers with a share again. The comments that the actress has been working on her posts for a while, that she is tired and that she has a surprise draws attention.

In the following post, the actress adds that she is in a hurry that leaves her fans and fans wondering. Kaya makes you wonder with the post she made with the note “… something, surprises, events”!

As it is known, the name of the actress is mentioned by Netflix’s Pera Palas. It is thought that Hazal Kaya is preparing for her new project, but let’s see what will come under this surprise?

The intrigues keep turning in front of the camera of the Forbidden Fruit series, but there are joyful moments behind the camera. Kuzey baby, who has been on the Forbidden Fruit set since 40 days, is always seen on the lap of his mother Eda Ece in the series. This time, Şevval Sam took Kuzey in her arms.

In the moments that Eda Ece published on her social media page, the moments when the Kuzey responded to Şevval Sam, who showed the fish on TV, with cute screams made her smile …

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