How warm, harmonious and full of energy the Burcu Özberk and İlhan Şen duo is!
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27 March 2023 08:39


How warm, harmonious and full of energy the Burcu Özberk and İlhan Şen duo is!

A new romantic comedy series called Aşk Mantık İntikam has begun… Fans of the series, who showed great interest in the first episode of Fox TV’s summer surprise, also created a strong wave of interaction on social media. Leading actors Burcu Özberk and İlhan Şen were also appreciated. While it’s not bad to have average ratings, it is expected that the series will get better results in the absence of Kırmızı Oda and Arka Sokaklar from the second episode.

The most striking detail was that the duo of Burcu Özberk and İlhan Şen got along very well. The two young actors, who are also seen to keep their energy in the posts from the set, are shown as one of the best TV series couples of the summer.

The duo, whose fans share photos from the set and write very nice comments on social media, get along very well. The duo, who attracted attention to each other in the videos reflected from the set, has already gained great admiration.

Explaining that they had a lot of fun on the set, Burcu Özberk met with her partner in a pleasant conversation on the Instagram live broadcast. Burcu Özberk, who said that she laughed a lot during the shooting and even her throat hurt, also said that they had a lot of fun during the shoot.

The two families are at the center of the series’ story. İlhan Şen said, “Something incredibly energetic is waiting for the audience. Especially two families have amazing energy. We laugh a lot while we shoot, we have a lot of fun. I hope the audience will like it too.”

Burcu Özberk said, “I feel this is a work that will be like a medicine to the audience. It has romance, comedy. There are some incredibly good actors. Everyone is acting their role lovingly and everyone has taken care of it. Both to the role and to each other… We have a good energy. I think this will reflect on the audience. Especially romantic comedy is even more important in business. It will be like a drug to the audience. They will say that this is the job we have been waiting for” and reflected her excitement.

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