Series News ‘Humanity Crime’ is a joke-like final!

‘Humanity Crime’ is a joke-like final!

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The final episode of the ‘Humanity Crime’ series on Channel D screens was shown yesterday evening (May 19).

During the week, the final lap was announced so that it could be finalized so that everyone who watched it would be open!

In fact, the star that started to rise on the screen and the eye-catching index was thought to continue in the next season.

The account that came from Adana to Istanbul and told the story of Cemal, who had been reconciled with his past and his family, was made a mistake!

For an a final final decision, it seemed that the final scene was also thought to be ‘biting’, so the audience was stunned to the screen!

‘Humanity Crime’ series, recently received a decision after the punishment of GizemKaraca ‘drug’ in the case of a final decision, the eyes turned to this case. Almost everyone has created the perception that common thought is due to this situation regarding GizemKaraca.

While the audience reacts to the sudden ending of the series with their comments on the social media, they defend the views that GizemKaraca could be replaced by another player or a different end to the character.

However, in the shadow of all the controversy, the series was able to continue with 8 episodes of the final screen screening that he performed yesterday evening.

Suna was wounded during the discussion of Gokhan and Suna, which was a final final. Gökhan thought he was dead and ran away. In the meantime, Cemal, who was about to be killed by the man of Gökhan, saved him and Suna with the hammer he had done.

Cemal, who gave Adama Gökhan’s bank account passwords, got a phone call from Gökhan and realized that Suna was in a difficult situation and ran to her side. Suna, lying in the blood of the place, was intervened by incoming first aid teams.

Then we saw the couple hugging on a bank by the sea and the series ended there.

Cemal, is Sami’s real son? Did an intervention in the DNA test? Did Sami learn that he was Jamal’s son? What are the stories of Hulya and Sami we did not know in the past? Why and how did Mrs.Kadriye distinguish Sami and Hulya? What happened to Gökhan? What did Sami do? What happened to Cevher? There were so many questions left in the air that it was clear that a few scenes had been added in order to make the series final.

There is no reaction in social media! One of the followers of the series commented:

“The final scene was scratched because the final decision was taken. I think you’re open to the index. I wish I could start on another channel. I think the story was beautiful. ”

The final stage of the series was held by the audience, saying, “It is absurd, how is the final, how can it be final?”

In the shadow of all the controversies, there was a series of promises saying goodbye and talking with their acting!