Hümeyra's surprising series decision
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2 October 2022 10:32


Hümeyra’s surprising series decision

Hümeyra is one of the most successful and eye-catching names in the Turkish cinema and TV series industry… The fans of the TV series know Hümeyra closely and had the opportunity to watch many different characters on the screen.

Especially in the European Side series, the actress who filled with the character of İffet Sütçüoğlu, who met for 4 years, met the audience as Çiğdem Alsancak in the Yalan Dünya series. Hümeyra, who appeared as Maide in the Broken Pieces series, made a strong impression with the characters Feza in the Personality series and Fazilet Aşçıoğlu in the Woman’s series.

Hümeyra, who joined the story in the third season of the Woman’s series and made a significant difference, can no longer find the power to lift the series sets.

The 72-year-old artist said, “I no longer have the power to lift the sets. 12 hours of working time is too much for me. I’m also sick. I can’t play in jobs that last longer. Maybe I will participate as a guest player. ”

The famous actress is not known when she is on the screen again, but she does not want to work for a long time, it will upset her fans.

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