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9 August 2022 13:53


I beat you with a book! The inside of the fight scene that made everyone wonder in the Kuş Uçuşu series has been revealed!

The 8-episode Kuş Uçuşu (Bird Flight) series was broadcast on Netflix and was appreciated by the audience as a very successful business. Birce Akalay, İbrahim Çelikkol and Miray Daner gave great performances in the lead roles. The subject of what happens in the background of the fight scene in the Kuş Uçuşu series is also a point that everyone is curious about.

What happened behind the scenes of this fight scene of the characters Lale and Aslı? It has been revealed that an important preparation has been made for this scene where Miray Daner and Birce Akalay have impressed the audience the most.

Together with Birce Akalay, Miray Daner was a guest on Onedio’s youtube program. One of the audience asked what happened behind the scenes of this fight scene, which he was very curious about. Miray Daner, in her statement, stated that they received a preliminary training to revive the scene.

The actress said the following about the background of the fight scene, which adorned everyone’s curiosity: “We did a fight choreography for that scene. We worked together first. Rather than her, I think it was the same for Birce, it was the same for me. We care a lot about the feeling of the stage. When I first read it, I was very excited to play that scene, I was very enthusiastic. There were also different difficult moments.”

Birce Akalay also stated that she enjoyed this fight scene very much. The actress stated that they shot this scene in two parts, and that was because of the light.

Birce Akalay said, “We have established the feeling so well that we continued where we left off. Okay, the choreography is very important, but I think we support each other very well. It was just like a tennis match. I beat you with a book. She is throwing things at me. What can come out of two women? But a monster comes out of the two women as you would never expect,” she said.

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