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6 July 2022 10:34


İbrahim Ümit Kantarcılar stole the hearts of young girls

Turkish Actor İbrahim Ümit Kantarcılar

Born in 1987, the player is 1,87 cm.

It has blue eyes and brown hair. Kantarcilar, a university graduate, finished his theater department. Since 2006, he has appeared in series and motion picture films.

He has won the hearts of young girls with his attitude.

He’s a successful actor…

He series he plays; Life Song, Two Families, Little Secrets, Hig From The Ground, Pebble Stone, Dirty Seven, Fathers and Childen, Angels of the City, Stager, Wingless Birds.

The last series has increased its popularity with Wingless Birds. It is recognized in many countries of the world and has a significant number of fans.

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