IbrahimCelikkol and KeremBursin in the same series

08 October 2018 Monday, 22:31
IbrahimCelikkol and KeremBursin in the same series

A new series called Magnificent Duo begins.

Starring İbrahim Çelikkol and KeremBursin.

İbrahim Çelikkol; he will play Barca, not afraid to endanger himself with his courage.

Kerem Bürsin plays MKC who manages the most difficult operations with his intelligence.

The Magnificent Duo has a fascinating storyline, which is a great curiosity with its published presentation.

The two policemen are forced to set aside their problems with each other and fight together against their common enemies. Their enemies are very strong, their struggles are hard but they will be more difficult to tolerate each other.

First trailer released:

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