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20 August 2022 07:55


İclal Aydın will have a new experience in Kanal D series!

İclal Aydın, who was born in Ankara in 1971, acted as a television presenter and is also known for her writing.

İclal Aydın’s acting adventure, which we have watched in movies as well as television series, started in 1998. İclal Aydın, who is remembered with her performance in the TV series İki Aile, is remembered as Melahat in Ege’nin Hamsisi series, as well as the character Hasret in the TV series O Hayat Benim.

İclal Aydın, which we watched on the TRT1 screen for the last time in 2018, has not been on the sets for a long time. İclal Aydın, who is also known for her authorship and whose novels break sales records..

The novel Üç Kız Kardeş is also among the most widely read. The novel of İclal Aydın, which tells about the adventure of 3 sisters with their mother and father in Ayvalık, is being turned into a series.

The name of the new series, which will be published on Kanal D in 2022, will be Üç Kız Kardeş… İclal Aydın also plays the leading role in the serial version of the novel she wrote.

On behalf of İclal Aydın, who will portray the character of Nesime, the mother of 3 sisters, this series means that she will have a new experience and take part in a series that she has created herself.

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