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6 July 2022 10:40


If even Eda Ece is surprised in the Forbidden Fruit series, imagine what will happen!

Forbidden Fruit, one of the popular TV series of Monday evenings, is among the most talked about productions in recent weeks. While the wave of change that started from the 85th episode continues, even the predictions are not enough anymore about where the story may go.

After the marriage decision between Yıldız and Çağatay in the previous episode, the moments when Yıldız, Ender and Şahika, published in the 91st new episode trailer, were imprisoned, surprised everyone. In the new season, the scenario is focused on going towards completely different points and keeping the excitement always high.

Şahika will sell both Yıldız and Ender for the death of Halit in the 91st episode of the Forbidden Fruit series, which has increased its ratings as of season 3 and once again succeeded in the fourth season. Stating that they committed murder, Şahika will fall into the well he dug herself.

With Yıldız and Ender and Şahika imprisoned, the audience will be surprised by the situation of 3 women in the ward. The fans of the series, who will be watching Yıldız’s hair plucking his head while Ender holds Şahika, with great pleasure on the evening of Monday, January 4, are getting even more excited with the humorous posts of 3 famous actors on social media.

Eda Ece again surprised her fans with the photo she shared in front of the penal institution. However, what really stood out was hidden in her text message. Eda Ece wrote: “Woman power. Note: Do not miss any of the next episodes of the Forbidden Fruit, even we are surprised. ”

As you can see, even the actors will marvel at what happened in the incoming scenario, while the audience will experience a great excitement and tension storm on the screen. More than 400 thousand likes came to this post of Eda Ece. Forbidden Fruit fans also left comments stating that they are looking forward to the new episodes.

Nesrin Cavadzade published the same photo on her own account. Cavadzade also left a comment as “The end we deserve”.

Şevval Sam, on the other hand, attached the photo he shared on her Instagram account with the note “No need to say too much, days full of adventure await us”.

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