If Hande Erçel shakes her hand, social media speaks to her!
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1 December 2022 07:15


If Hande Erçel shakes her hand, social media speaks to her!

The young actress Hande Erçel is currently experiencing a situation called “whatever she does,”. Because she interacts with her followers on social media in such a way that every post she makes is suddenly stunned by the number of likes that exceed 2 million.

She is currently on the agenda with the series “Love is in the Air” with Kerem Bürsin on Fox TV screens. In addition to her successful performance, Hande Erçel has become a name who dresses more bravely after losing weight and makes her talk with her style.

Finally, the actress, who received almost 2 million 400 thousand likes in 24 hours with her father and nephew Aylin Mavi yesterday, received more than 17 thousand 500 comments. Hande Erçel, who has been showered with appreciation and comments by many Turkish and foreign fans, broke a record again with her latest share!

Although two hours have passed since the actress shared the following photos, it is seen that she received close to 1 million 300 thousand likes and more than 13 thousand 600 comments. Two photographs of Hande Erçel, taken in a rural area, were shared by her followers with comments.

In fact, Hande Erçel reveals how much she interacts with her followers with this photograph, which she did not comment. It also has a number of followers that many famous names will envy. With a rapidly rising trend, Hande Erçel’s Instagram account is currently followed by 15.6 million people. She only follows 361 people.

Here is Hande Erçel’s latest post, which received more than one million likes:

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